Maven Advisors’ Better BI™ Methodology takes a holistic approach toward managing, enabling and delivering information to drive business insight and improve decision making.  Our methodology is based on the premise that your organization’s information is an asset that must be managed with both a short- and long-term perspective.   Our approach will ensure you make the appropriate strategic and tactical decisions regarding your information management program with an emphasis on continuous improvement and sustainability.

Both our services and our resources are targeted to address the most critical issues companies are faced with today in order to successfully achieve their business objectives.  Each service offering follows a prescribed five-step process unique to the industry and applicable to organizations big and small.  The Better BI™ five-step process includes:

Discover – Ensures every engagement is well grounded and has a focused set of objectives.  This requires a clear understanding of our client’s problem, current state capabilities, and broader business strategy and objectives. 

Analyze – Leverages the discovery findings to determine improvement opportunities required in the areas of people, process, information, technology, and change management to achieve the defined engagement objectives.

Solve – Focuses on best practice solution options taking both a short-term perspective to achieve the business need at hand and a long-term perspective to ensure your strategic vision remains achievable.

Adopt – Addresses more than simply delivering or implementing the solution.  Our unique approach looks at what is necessary to enable your staff, end users, and leaders to adopt the solution and achieve the greatest benefit possible.

Learn – Maximizes the value of every engagement by ensuring key learning are conveyed back to the appropriate staff, processes, or strategy.   This unique, closed loop approach drives continuous improvement and builds the sustainable capability we strive to achieve with each and every one of our clients.