Our Maven Mentorship™ philosophy focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients to enable their continuous improvement and overall delivery capability.  We take pride in being viewed as a trusted partner that provides practical advice and openly shares expertise to foster knowledge transfer and development.

Trusted Partner
At Maven Advisors, we strive to position ourselves as a trusted leadership partner with our clients, which further extends their leadership capacity and accelerates the evolution of their information management program. We help our clients avoid many of the common obstacles faced by organizations today by sharing our practical experiences and real world lessons learned.

Practical Advice
Maven Advisors understands that your business priorities will change over time, and your information management and business intelligence program must evolve to meet those new objectives. For this reason, we not only assist our clients in defining an achievable information strategy but also ensure it can be enabled and successfully executed within your organization. Our ability to provide practical, technology independent recommendations allows our clients to choose the options that best fit their environment, competency and culture, creating the greatest business value.

Knowledge Transfer
Maven Advisors is committed to knowledge transfer by growing our client’s core competencies and making them more self-sufficient. Our Better BI™ methodology uniquely focuses on knowledge transfer and the continuous improvement of our client’s delivery capabilities.  Every Maven Advisor’s engagement includes specific knowledge transfer deliverables that ensure a positive lasting impact on our client’s organization.