Requirements Gathering and Definition – defines data, analytical, and functional business requirements for a specific release identified in your BI Business Roadmap.  Our methodology ensures a complete set of requirements is documented and exit criteria are met prior to moving into the design and development phases.

KPI Development and Implementation – identifies and selects a focused set of performance measures to drive both operational and strategic decision making across your organization.  Maven Advisors’ KPI development approach ensures alignment to broader corporate business drivers and improvement opportunities.

Master Data Management – addresses both the need for standardization and the processes for achieving data, business measurement and report standards across your organization’s business intelligence environment.

BI Competency Center Development – defines the appropriate organization structure and operating model for each of the critical business and technical functional areas based on your organization’s unique structure and resource limitations.  Roles and responsibilities as well as core processes are defined to build a foundation for best practice program operations. 

Team Skills Assessment & Development – assesses your team’s current technical and managerial skills to build team and individual development plans.  Serves as a tool for growing your organization’s overall core competencies in business intelligence and data warehousing, while providing individualized development focus for your most important asset – your people.

Training Plan Development – assesses your current user training offering to develop a program level user training strategy to increase user effectiveness, reduce support calls, drive user adoption, and increase the overall value of your BI initiative for your organization.

Process / Methodology Assessments – analyzes all or part of each of the Foundational Enablers (People, Process, Information, Technology, and Change Management) to identify strengths and opportunities and provide recommendations that will move your organization closer toward business intelligence and data warehousing best practices.

Technology Assessment and Selection – provides a comprehensive process for assessing and selecting needed technologies as determined by your BI Strategy – Technology Roadmap.   Engagement focuses on requirements definition, industry research, RFP development and scoring, third party references, and a total cost of ownership analysis allowing your organization to make the most objective and favorable technology procurement decision.

Communication Plan Development – develops a communication strategy focused on increasing awareness of your BI Program, educating your organization on its value, and driving change management and adoption.