BI Project Implementation – provides experienced BI project managers and other key senior BI consultants to ensure successful project implementation.  Our Maven Mentorship™ program partners our experienced advisors with our client’s staff to build their BI competencies and make them more self-sufficient.

BI Health Checks – performs periodic reviews of your BI Program to objectively measure progress toward the best practice execution of your organization’s overall BI Strategy.  These brief ‘health checks’ provide an opportunity to ensure action plans for each of the specific Foundational Enablers meet their intended objectives and allow for minor adjustments to be made where necessary.

BI Organization Readiness Assessment – examines the degree of your organization’s need for BI, ability to leverage its value, and overall commitment toward BI and the changes required for adoption.

Project Close-out Lessons Learned – provides a timely and objective facilitation process at the end of each of your business intelligence iterations to identify key learnings from the project (both strengths and opportunities), enabling best practices for your organization moving forward.